Suppling Industry
For Over 25 Years

Suppling Manufacturing Industries with Quality Components


Our Hand poles, Branch deflectors and Luggage racks alongside chassis and interior fitments can be found in vehicles from Hammersmith to Hongkong and Dublin to Dubai.

Materials Handling

Working alongside acclaimed brands in the industry, we are an established and trusted supplier offering a diverse range of products used in the Material Handling Sector.

Construction Equipment

Our components are made to stand the test of time, just like the projects they assist in building.


We aim to provide innovative engineering solutions that drive productivity, sustainability, and growth in farming and agribusiness.

Our Services

McAuley Engineering has invested heavily in machinery and equipment in the last few years to provide the company with a wide ranging capability in Milling, Turning, Tube Manipulation, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Inspection.

McAuley Careers

The foundation stone of our business is our people. They are our most valuable asset. We believe our continual investment in our employees and  equipment to assist them in the tasks they perform makes McAuley Engineering a great place to work.

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